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Voi Scooter Referral Code

With Voi scooters by the hour. Which are conveniently dotted around cities, in the areas that you might need them. Voi is in cities around Europe, from Madrid to London, to Berlin & Southampton, and everywhere in between. Sometimes thrown in the river, but more often than not, on land, fully-charged and dry. What’s also cool is that with my Voi scooter referral code you can get £2.50 in free riding credit (sometimes £5) when you sign up through this link and download the app to book your first journey.

The problem is that there are so many of these types of services, all backed by angel investors and seed funding, and I don’t actually think there’s much demand for it. All it takes if you one scooter to get thrown in a river and that’s potentially a day’s revenue gone. All the same, they are good fun and it beats walking.

Some cities also already offer services like this already which have a far greater infrastructure. Like Bicing in Barcelona or the (whatever it’s called now, Boris, Barclays) bike in London. Probably has changed its name 4 times since I wrote this. I had used Lime scooters a few times and they are great fun.

If you used my Voi scooter referral code let me know how it went and how you found the app. All the high and lows. let me know… yo.

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