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1 & 1 Referral Code

When you sign up to 1&1 (sometimes called IONOS) through my 1 and 1 referral code you can get up to £150 in cashback depending on what you order. From a little as a £1.25 from registering a domain with them to a £150 kickback for having the Dedicated F X10i server package. There’s also lots of middle of the road packages which will get you £40-60 back with minimal effort.

How are 1&1?

In short, very good. they are based in the UK and their tech support is fast and efficient. I’ve used them for several years and I would say if you’re starting a new website, and possibly put off how complicated it can be to set up a site, don’t be.

It takes minutes to set up a domain and there are hundreds if not thousands of blog posts and youtube videos on how to make changes to the backend of your site. Including vanity URLs, 301 redirects, and making your server more secure.

How are 1&1 versus the competition?

By going through 1&1 and a free web builder platform like WordPress (.ORG not .COM!) you can save yourself a tonne of money, versus going through site builders like SquareSpace or Wix.

Not only that but it’s really fun developing new web-building skills vs if you’d gone through web builders that are designed for 5-year-olds to be able to use (but are sometimes more restrictive in features and customisation. Although I would say if you’re not very tech-savvy, these sites are often better and quicker if you just want to knock out a website quickly, to get your business moving.

I would say if you’re going to go with 1&1 regardless, give the 1&1 referral code a go as it’s a few extra clicks and could get you quite a bit back. Great if you’re a new startup trying to save the pennies & cents where you can.

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