Top 10 sites, referral codes & discounts for traveling
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Top 10 Sites, Referral Codes & Discounts For Traveling

Whilst traveling looks to be on hold for many countries for the foreseeable future, with several vaccines in circulation the finish line looks to be in sight. Dare to dream and book your next trip for when it’s safe to travel, picking up awesome discounts and savings while doing so with the top 10 sites, referral codes & discounts for traveling.

1) OYO Hotels

OYO hotels is great for traveling off the beaten track, staying in cities or small guest houses with local knowledge, with over 25,000 hotels worldwide. Take a look at my article on OYO Hotels to discover how you can save money on your first trip with my refer a friend discount.

2) Google Flights

Google flights allows you to put in the dates and locations of a trip, and tracks when the price drops on individual flights, allowing you to get the cheapest price when flight prices fall. It has a really clean interface and can log in with your Google account to easily get updates.

3) Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Hotels offer a loyalty scheme that gets you upgrades, cheaper stays, and sweet perks for offering loyalty to them when you travel. If you travel a lot, these Bonvoy points rack up quickly. Take a look at my Marriott Bonvoy refer a friend sign up bonus.

4) Drover

Drover allows you to lease cars for the short term (from as little as a month). Perfect for a summer road trip or gap year traveling in Europe. Read my article on how to save on your first Drover booking.

5) ZipCar

ZipCar is popping up in all major cities. You can rent cars in their fleet for as little as an hour; offering discounts when you rent by the day or during off-peak times. Take a look at my ZipCar referral code to get money off your first booking.

6) JustPark

JustPark can help you save money on parking in big cities or airport parking. It could be someone’s driveway or an actual car park with allocated spaces for JustPark customers. Read on to get a sweet discount on your first booking.

7) Hoppper

Hopper is great as much like Google flights, in that it alerts you when flights drop in price that you are tracking. What’s also cool is that it also shows you price patterns and lets you know if you’re getting a good deal, versus the average and lowest prices they have tracked for that particular route, as well as showing you when is best to book your flights and hotels.

8) Skyscanner

Skyscanner allows you to search for flights to find you the cheapest prices across all airline carriers. The multi-trip feature is superb and can’t be beaten on their filters, as well as showing you cheaper prices if you’re flexible on dates.

9) Cuvva car insurance

If you’re looking to get yourself insured by the hour, day, week, or month, then Cuvva does the job. Perfect for if you want to share the driving on a road trip, or just borrow a ride to move house. Take a look at my Cuvva discount code to save on your first booking.

10) BA eStore Portal

The British Airways executive eStore works in a similar way to cashback sites, except you earn Avios points instead of cashback. Avios can be put towards cheaper flights, business class upgrades, and things like hotel stays and car rentals. Take a look at my article on the BA Amex card for more info on how to earn even more points when using the BA American express credit card referral code to maximize the stash of Avios you earn.

Other airlines like Virgin and cruise ships brands also have their own shopping portals, so it’s worth searching around to see which is best for you and how you travel. Also, it’s worth checking if your other utility services have an app or portal for saving money, much like how Vodafone has the VeryMe rewards app with exclusive discounts.

If you found the articles on the Top 10 sites, referral codes & discounts for traveling helpful; or if there are any other sites you find useful or methods for getting a better deal while traveling, let us know in the comments.

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