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Super 73 Referral Code

Get €100 off your first purchase when you use my Super 73 referral code. All you have to do is sign up with this link and complete your purchase of your rad new eBike. This offer is only for the EU store, sorry US peeps. If the link isn’t working,

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Octopus Energy Referral Code

Octopus energy offers £50 in credit when you use my Octopus energy referral code which you can sign up with here. They sometimes double the offer to £100 at some points in the year so it’s always worth checking the link to see what bonus they are currently giving. What’s

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ZipCar Referral Code

If I had to come up with a sensationalised clickbait internet article about Zip Car it would be something along the lines of: Millennials are discovering this secret way to get around that car manufacturers hate and don’t want you to know about. Admit it, you would have been straight

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