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Brompton Bikes Referral Code

You can get 20% off (sometimes 25%) your first order when you use my Brompton bikes referral code. Either use the code ‘Referral Guy UK‘ at checkout or sign up using this link.

What’s good about Brompton Bikes?

The first thing that can’t be ignored is that they’re made in the U.K. No it’s not an angel investor funded app that helps people find bees or yet another unprofitable fintech bank. An actual physical product made on British shores that doesn’t set on fire, or hasn’t been outsourced to China! It’s made in Greenford, London too which is neat-o.

They fold up into a tiny (but still a very heavy 10KG) circle that you can fit on a train and marginally pish people off just a little bit less. Brompton also gave away over £300k worth of bikes to nurses and doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was cool.

Brompton have 3 flagship models, available in 9 different colours and customisable aspects like the gears, wheels, seat and mud-guards.

I must say the 9 colours bit disappointed me a bit, after recently after watching a clip in the Rolls-Royce factory, where they had a choice of over 44,000 colours available. I challenge Brompton to up their colour game if they ever read this, we got beef!

What’s not so good?

The price, that’s why you’re using the Brompton bikes referral code right?

You’re talking nearly a grand for a tiny little bike, and several thousand for their electric models. That is, unfortunately, the price for British labour, but on the flip side, the quality of bikes they are outputting is commendable. Probably why they’ve been around since 1976 with a strong following.

Another downside of owning a Brompton is the stigma of owning a Brompton. Is he having a mid-life crisis, more money than sense. Or is she just trying to use the car less, but The New Forest to Waterloo isn’t a realistic cycling commutable option? So the Brompton + train route makes more logical sense.

If you’re looking for other luxury bikes I’d also recommend checking out Wiggle, ProBikeKit, and Ribble Cycles too, as they all offer refer a friend offers.

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