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Cleo Referral Code

Cleo is an intelligent AI (artificial intelligence) instant messaging style based app that allows you to take a closer look at your spending habits by connecting the app to your bank account. It’s incredibly safe with banking levels of encryption so not even Cleo has your personal details or passwords. What’s also cool is when you use my Cleo referral code you’ll get £5/$5 cash back after you’ve signed up and linked your first bank account with the app.

By looking at your outgoings and typical spending it can make recommendations on things like when you’re going to run out of money, how much you are spending on particular aspects of your life like shopping and rent. You can also ask it questions like, ‘Cleo can I afford to get Pizza tonight’.

Based on all this information you Cleo can give you tips and advice on how to better spend your money and habits to change if you aren’t that great with managing your money.

How do Cleo make money?

It’s a question I asked myself too as it’s a completely free service to use with no adverts. The answer is that they offer a paid service called ‘Cleo Plus’, which offers extra features like a no questions or interest payments salary advance if you’re running low on funds.

Is it worth signing up?

Considering it takes all of 5 minutes to download the app and link your bank account, it’s worth it for the Cleo referral code bonus alone. I would also say that if you’re asking an AI app if you can afford pizza it’s safe to assume that you’re either not that great with managing your money or you’re on a tight budget, so again there’s no harm at all to signing up and seeing what it recommends for you.

I would also suggest if you’re in the U.K also signing up to Pension Bee as this looks at how well you are investing your pension pot and focusing on the future instead of just your present spending habits.

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