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Eve Mattress Referral Code

Seriously what’s going on with the mattress industry in the U.K. Seemingly overnight about one hundred memory foam mattress brands have come onto the market. Did a container ship go missing that I didn’t hear about, is the Mafia behind this? With all this competition in mind, with my Eve referral code you can get £100 off your first purchase with them when you spend £350. I’ve been told this refer a friend link works with products on sale too, so some huge savings to be made.

There’s Eve, Emma, Otty, Simba, Leesa, Necta, Casper, Cocoon & Sealy. It reads like a hipster seven dwarves remake. The execs at Silentnight & Tempur must be losing sleep with all this new competition after years of rolling sixes.

It’s not just mattresses that Eve sells though. They also range bedding & duvets, baby cots, bedroom furniture and bed frames. As you’ll find with most of these mafia mattress brands they all offer a 90, 100 (or even 200 with Eve) day trial where you can get your money back if you’re not happy. If you were committed to being thrifty you could move between them all indefinitely without paying a penny. Mattress surfing instead of couch surfing.

I think you will be happy though as they are bloody comfy. I made the mistake of buying an okay mattress, and then trying a premium brand. Pay cheap pay twice.

Also what are their margins if they can afford to be taking back hundreds if not thousands of mattresses; to either recycle, resell on eBay or toss on the fire. Are memory foam mattresses really cheap to make?

Quality Of Sleep

It’s beyond a cliche at this point but you will spend a third of your life on a bed. You can’t cheap out with this much choice on the market. It’s not just the time you spend in the bed too, its the quality of sleep which determines how productive, energetic and ultimately how happy you are in your waking hours.

Eve is a bit more expensive, but they do also offer 0% interest-free payments which you can pay monthly, so it’s worth spending extra if you can.

I’m curious as to why you would choose Eve over the 8000 other memory foam brands. What attracted you to them instead of sleepy, bashful, or sneezy? Let me know if you used my Eve referral code.

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