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Gorillas Referral Code

I’m a massive fan of the Gorillas groceries app, and I’ll come on to why it’s cool shortly. But It’s worth noting that you can get £5/€5 off your first order when you use my Gorillas referral code. At checkout enter this code below, making sure to spend a minimum of £10/€10, alternatively you can sign up with this link.


What’s Good About Gorillas?

Groceries delivered in 10 minutes or less, that’s their slogan. I was skeptical so I put it to the test. I ordered around 10 items, placed the order, and a chap on an electric bike was outside my house in 6 minutes. 6 MINUTES! I couldn’t believe how fast they were. The food was fresh and eco-packaged, with a personalised note and free swag too. Everything I ordered was in there and nothing damaged. The prices were also fairly reasonable. Not too competitive with supermarkets but you pay a slight premium for the convenience and speed.

How are Gorilla so quick?

So essentially they have multiple pickers on standby ready to pick your order, with drivers waiting outside ready to bolt to your location on an electric bike, dodging any traffic jams with ease. They have streamlined the process to perfection, for max efficiency and I’m thoroughly impressed.

Any Downsides To Gorilla?

The main downside to it is also what makes it great. There’s a limited range, but at the same time, there’s no way a picker could run around a massive warehouse with 4000 items and be able to get the order to you in 10 minutes. They only have several hundred items you can order, but it’s the essentials and some luxury items too. They are also only in particular cities at the moment, so you may wait a while for them to pop up in your City.

Similar Referral Codes

If you found the Gorillas referral code useful, I’d also recommend checking out Uber Eats & Deliveroo, for the ultimate ‘I’m not leaving the house’ 21st-century convenience.

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