The Athletic Referral Code

The Athletic offers next-level sports journalism. You know the bloke down the pub who seems to know absolutely everything about the game, or the mate who knows about the transfer competition hours before you do. Without a doubt they are all probably reading The Athletic, what’s even better is you’ll get you will get your first month for free when you sign up with my refer a friend code.

You can cancel immediately and enjoy your first month with no commitment. However what you’ll find is that it’s when you start reading you’ll be hooked on their well structured, data-rich journalism that keeps you coming back for more. In my opinion is for the most part written in a very objective, matter of fact manner, which is refreshing after years of reading the back pages of the Sunday papers.

They are ever-expanding too, covering all sports with podcasts and video content to support their written journalism, with an app to make it easy to access their detailed content from as little as £3 a month.

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