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Bulb Referral Code

I’m actually impressed you haven’t been bombarded by 85 of your friends to get you to use their Bulb referral code, but thanks for popping over to The Referral Guy anyway. When you sign up with my Bulb referral code you’ll get £50 off your bill when you switch to Bulb Energy which they credit your account with pronto. This sometimes goes up to £75 at certain times of the year, so go ahead and check out what the offer is at the moment!

What’s Good About Bulb Energy?

I’ve really enjoyed being a customer of Bulb. They offer a straight forward set up and you can update your meter reading through the app which is simple to use. I recently went to do an energy comparison and they were still the cheapest apart from two questionable companies I’ve never heard of before, so I stayed. Bulb has managed to grow very quickly to over two million customers with very few teething problems.

The app actually has a switch to turn on your phone torch – this never doesn’t impress me on a monthly basis, when I forget it exists and my head is in a pitch-black coat room (grammatical error for comedy). Also, their adverts are actually entertaining, I mean it’s a boring AF topic isn’t it energy, at least try to make it funny!

Overall I would recommend them as Bulb are open, honest, easy to deal with and reliable. The staff on the Bulb help desk have dealt with any questions promptly and efficiently. Excellent customer care, I can recommend them highly.

Any Downsides?

I have had to email them a couple times to remind them that I’m not illegible for a smart meter, but I still get emails about it. Also, they did have to bump my monthly payments up from what I was initially quoted. However I’m sure most energy companies down play your energy usage when trying to sign up. It’s not as though they have lied to me though, I just use more energy than I initially imputed!

Similar To The Bulb Referral Code

If you used the Bulb referral code let me know what you thought about the service, and take a look at Bristol Energy and Octopus Energy too, as they both offer a fantastic service in my opinion.

Leave a comment below if it all worked okay. Follow me or send a direct message @ReferralGuyUK on Twitter for hundreds of more referral codes and message me if you want to check that you’ve got the best deal.

Be sure to check the Most Popular referral codes for all the best deals. Also offers change from time to time so let me know if you’ve spotted an offer that has changed and I’ll update it. Much appreciated.

There are lots of variations for how people search for refer a friend codes, some call them promo codes or promotional codes, voucher or discount codes, coupons in the U.S, or even refferal codes if they have misspelled.

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