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Cuvva Referral Code

Cuvva offers temporary car insurance from as little as an hour or as much as 28 days. Their slogan is interestingly is, ‘we started with a problem: nobody was offering short-term car insurance by the hour’. It’s not strictly true, companies have done this for years and Google returns 340,000 results for ‘car insurance by the hour’. What’s good about them though is with my Cuvva referral code you’ll get £10 off your first policy, not bad.

What separates Cuvva from the rest though is that the app is simple and nice to use, with live chat human customer support on hand. It also shows you which factors are making your insurance high or low which is a nice touch.

I was looking through their Trustpilot reviews and came across this one from Nick G:

I was taken back by the prices and the beautiful design! Using the app on iOS is seriously no word of a lie the single best app experience I have ever had in the 9 years I’ve had an iOS device, the functionality and design is seriously breathtaking.

I can’t work out if he’s one of their developers giving himself a pat on the back or if he’s for real. To quash my doubts he does go onto say:

If anyone has any doubts as to how serious I am about this review just note I signed up to Trustpilot today just to write this review!

Either way sounds like it was a good day when he discovered Cuvva.

If you just need to borrow the parent’s car for the weekend or share the driving on an epic road trip Cuvva is the one for you.

What I would recommend though is only using this as a very short term solution. A lot of insurance companies allow you to be added onto somebody else’s policy as an additional driver for a small fee or no fee at all (depending on age and existing policies) so consider this as an option for anything over a week.

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