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Floom Referral Code

What’s great about Floom is they connect you with local florists and you can even get same-day flower delivery if you live in London, Edinburgh, Manchester or Bristol if you order before 1 pm. Or nominated & next-day anywhere else. What’s also cool is that you can get 15% off your first order when you use my Floom referral code.

If it asks for who referred you, use ‘Referral Guy’ and the email address hello@thereferralguy.co.uk

Think about it, if you really put your foot in it; forget a birthday or an anniversary, there’s still a last-ditch attempt to redeem yourself, without even getting off your sofa (not that we encourage this)!

I really like these sorts of sites as they connect you to experts rather than warehouses; from sole-trading independent sellers who know their stuff and are passionate about what they do & customer service. Floom also offers the option to add-on groceries to selected postcodes and hampers too.

Floom also has a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants that you can gift including succulents, peonies, and orchids. I think live plants are a much much nicer as they offer longevity in the present. It’s also good as you can remind the recipient of your generous gifting skills every time you pop over vs throwaway plants that last a week.

If you liked the Floom referral code, I would also recommend checking out Bloom & Wild, as they also offer money off your first purchase similar to the Floom referral code and offer an equally high-quality service.

Let me know in the comments if the Floom referral code worked out and what you thought about their service. On the few occasions I’ve used them I’ve been impressed with the level of customer service and the quality of the flowers they are delivering.

Leave a comment below if it all worked okay. Follow me or send a direct message @ReferralGuyUK on Twitter for hundreds of more referral codes and message me if you want to check that you’ve got the best deal.

Be sure to check the Most Popular referral codes for all the best deals. Also offers change from time to time so let me know if you’ve spotted an offer that has changed and I’ll update it. Much appreciated.

There are lots of variations for how people search for refer a friend codes, some call them promo codes or promotional codes, voucher or discount codes, coupons in the U.S, or even refferal codes if they have misspelled.

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