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Gousto is one of the leading providers of fresh food at home. Everything required for delicious meals every day is carefully planned, carefully sourced and delivered to the front door of each subscriber at the time most convenient for them. There’s also no subscription commitments and you can pick which day you’d like it to be delivered at no extra cost. What’s also cool is that you can get 10% off your first Gousto delivery when you use my Gousto referral code at checkout:


or by using this link to sign up. You’ll continue to get 10% off for all subsequent orders through your first month, with free delivery.

What’s I Like About Gousto?

I’ve been using Gousto for the past few months and I’ve got to say I’m feeling a lot healthier, eating less rubbish and snacking less in the evening. The portion sizes are really generous to the point where you’re full, and the freshness and range of vegetables they send out is impressive. They also have a huge choice of recipes (40-50 different recipes per week) which changes frequently. This is a lot more choice than the likes of Hello Fresh.

I don’t know about you but I struggle to find the motivation to try out new recipes from cooking sites as often they require about 12 ingredients you don’t have in your cupboard, so you abandon the idea and order a pizza. With Gousto they send you everything you need (except oil), pre-portioned to the recipe so there’s less wastage which is nice.

What’s Not So Good About Gousto

The amount of plastic packaging. To be fair a lot of it is recycled plastic but there’s still so much of it. I appreciate for the dairy and meat it’s a necessity but for the vegetables, it could be loose or in paper.

Also I don’t think it’s needed to have each meal in a separate paper bag, as the bags they are massive and you have to find space for them all in your fridge. I end up taking them out of the MASSIVE bags anyway.

It would be a nice feature if they allowed you to untick which packaging you received, much like how you can opt-out of plastic bags with various supermarket deliveries.

£32 for 4 dishes (for 2 people) is probably £15 more than if you’d just gone out to the supermarket and got the ingredients yourself. It’s probably why the Gousto referral code is so popular.

They also use relatively inexpensive ingredients for a lot of the dishes, like chicken, pasta, rice, and sausage meat. You can see their business strategy clearly in their recipes, as they charge extra for premium meals like steak.

As an alternative, I would recommend checking out Simply Cook if you’re looking for inspirational recipe ideas without paying a premium. They send you the sauces, herbs, and a recipe card. However it’s only £10 for 4 dishes instead of £36 (but you have to buy the meat and vegetables yourself. I’d also suggest Hello Fresh too for their simplicity and detailed recipe cards.

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