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Monese Referral Code

With so many of these instant sign up fintech debit cards it’s hard to keep track of what separates them all, including Monese. Monzo has managed to achieve a cult-like status amongst its users but it had the distinct advantage of being one of the first to break the mold from high street banks, gaining lots of exposure and a following for that reason. With my Monese referral code you’ll get £10 when you order a Monese card 48 hours after you’ve activated it, and made your first transaction. Please be aware that this offer isn’t always available so you may not get the bonus, but it’s worth a try anyway.

What’s Good About Monese?

What separates Monese from the pack though is that you can open an account and use your digital card within minutes just through their app, with the card being sent later on which is very handy.

If you ask anyone who’s just moved to the U.K they all say it’s tough, to begin with (and not just the weather). Trying to set up phone contracts, rental properties, or payment from jobs that require a U.K bank account which can take up to a week from high street banks & going into a branch to show identification.

They also have zero credit checks if you’ve had some misfortunes with your finances in your more (let’s say) care-free years.

Premium Account

The premium accounts are a bonus too if you travel a lot; with improved exchange rates and reduced or even zero exchange transfers and ATM fees. I suppose there has to be a break-even point if you travel enough for work or in your free time to make it worth it.

I’m curious why you would choose a Monese card vs. the rest of the fintech pack. Let me know in the comments and if the Monese referral code worked okay.

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