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Seriously how much of a ball-ache clothes shopping is for men. Firstly there are about fifty women’s clothes shops for every one men’s shop, so the choice is far more limited. If you go to the actual shop I guarantee that they’re going to make you walk up eight flights of stairs to get to the blokes section. With Thread it’s completely different. They take all of your sizes, budget, personal preferences, and tailor outfits to you from dozens of men’s apparel stores. With my Thread referral code, you’ll get £20 off your first order when you spend £50 or more.

Fashion style, it’s not really something you’re ever taught. I don’t ever remember going from the cooking class in school with my crap pizza with cake-like density in hand to a fashion lesson. Learning about contrasting outfits, tones, or when to wear a cardigan (I’ll save you the trouble, the answer is never, never).

With Thread there’s no more filtering for sizes, filtering out purple, asking the missus for fashion tips, or trying to convince yourself in the mirror that you can pull off a cagoule. Women were given the head start (given they actually talk about what they wear) but it’s time to catch up lads.

With Thread, you’re assigned a personal shopper & stylist to help you out with choosing outfits or timeless classics, and they have masses of content on their site to help choose what to wear. From working from home outfits so you look sharp on Zoom, to what materials and styles to wear when it’s hot or traveling to hot countries.

If you used my Thread referral code and it all worked okay, it would be great to know what you thought of the service and if it represented good value for money. Also, take a look at Zalando and BooHoo too for even more choice, and a refer a friend discount too.

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There are lots of variations for how people search for refer a friend codes, some call them promo codes or promotional codes, voucher or discount codes, coupons in the U.S, or even refferal codes if they have misspelled.

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