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Coinbase Referral Code

Buy and sell crypto in minutes with Coinbase. With the Coinbase referral code you’ll get a sweet bitcoin bonus. Simply sign up with this link. When you’ve done that, buy at least £75 worth of bitcoin, and you’ll recieve a £7.50 bonus when you do. If you want to take a look at the full T&C’s of the referral scheme, take a look here. If you are based in the US, then the bonus is $10 when you invest $100 or more in Bitcoin.

What’s Good About the CoinBase Referral Code?

Coinbase is 100% legit and is a simple to use platform, with rapid customer support. I tried eToro and their customer service was slow, and it didn’t have all the cryptocurrencies, whereas CoinBase does seem to have most.

As a matter of fact, if you just leave your crypto alone and don’t try trading or moving it you’ll likely profit. Sure there fees are higher than some places but it’s a starting point for those new to crypto and will give them incentives to learn about different cryptos.

Once you feel you understand crypto, reading graphs, etc you can try Coinbase pro. No Pro is not a feature you have to pay for. Pro lets you trade and buy crypto at lower rates but without all the bells and whistles of Coinbase. Same company, same coins, just lower rates, and fewer features. I really like Coinbase as a whole and hate to see it have such a low rating so I wanted to through my 2 cents out there.

Any Downsides to Coinbase?

The other few things I can think of are that their fees are slightly higher than other competitors, and on the basic app there’s no easy way to set price alerts, so I end up using Binance for price alerts. Other than that though, no issues at all.

Similar Referral Codes

If you found the Coinbase referral code useful this I’d also recommend checking out Trading212 & FreeTrade, for more options for trading shares, each with a sign on bonus.

Leave a comment below if it all worked okay. Follow me or send a direct message @ReferralGuyUK on Twitter for hundreds of more referral codes and message me if you want to check that you’ve got the best deal.

Be sure to check the Most Popular referral codes for all the best deals. Also offers change from time to time so let me know if you’ve spotted an offer that has changed and I’ll update it. Much appreciated.

There are lots of variations for how people search for refer a friend codes, some call them promo codes or promotional codes, voucher or discount codes, coupons in the U.S, or even refferal codes if they have misspelled.

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